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2 Ways to do a Window Glass Repair (Safely)

First you have to prepare everything that is necessary to perform the job safely and in a timely manner.

Tools Needed for the job

1 putty knife and Long nose players

2 Rubber mallet

3 Heat Gun ( this makes the job extremely easy )

4 Foldable Table (party table)

5 Glass pre-cut to fit the exact size

6 Trash container

Safety accessories to wear before start

1 Osha approved safety glasses

2 Safety Gloves

3 Sleeves

Materials Needed:

Single pane glass

Clear silicone

Glazing beading

Glass Cleaner (spray-way Recommended)

First make sure to measure the glass before do anything, if you do this window glass repair will not be an issue, measure the inside of the frame to the inside of the frame left to right and top to bottom

once you have the correct sizes from metal to metal add 1/2" for single pane window glass repair, in this article we only cover single pane glass.

once the correct glass is already cut, start to removing the old glazing beading by using the heat gun, heat as much as possible and use the long nose players to pull on it until it comes off the track, after the glazing beading is completely off the glass proceed to heat up the glass in a safe mode , be careful not to burn any miniblinds or Curtains around the window make sure to remove them before start.

After the glass is very hot on the Edges, use the putty knife to push it out until the frame is clean of any broken glass, make sure is 100% clean otherwise the new glass will crack in the process.

after cleaning the frame you can apply a film of silicone enough to cover the edge of the frame, do not over do it or will have to clean up after the glass installation.

Pre cut the glazing beading to fit the frame perfectly

with that being said proceed to install the glass on the frame and squeeze the glazing beads to hold the glass in place, be patient in this process it takes some time but after the first one is done, the rest are piece of cake.

make sure to clean the glass with the glass cleaner and use a single edge razor blade to clean any silicone excess

call me if you have more questions 407-707-9903 Located in orlando

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