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5 Tips to Save Money on Patio Sliding Glass Door Repairs

sliding glass door stuck

When it comes to repair an sliding glass patio door, most people think 2 options immediately, and is this, is it worth it to repair the door? or should I get a quote/Estimate to replace it with a new door?

well the answer is very simple for everybody, including myself when I get to the point of repair my door.

Think this questions very quick and get straight answers yourself.

1: Where did I get the idea to repair the door?

If you get the idea from an online advertising that it was attractive to your eye, then you should consider to give them a call and find out the details about the repairs, ask complete and simple questions to the company that you call.

usually a sliding glass door repair estimate should not be a hassle and should be provided right away based on the details about the door provided during the phone call. normally a price range is offered and a final price will be provided when the technician arrives to the house and checks the Patio Sliding Glass door.

is it more convenient to Replace the door instead of Repairs ?

Well the answer is very simple from my point of view, ask yourself other questions like do I have enough budget to cover the expenses of : new door purchase and delivery,materials for the installation,Installation/Labor cost, Permit from the City or County of residence which is necessary for new windows and doors replacement.?

if for any reason you are unsure or just think is too much to go thru.

ask one last question.

Do I want a new door that looks different than the rest of the windows and doors or Do I want a door that works good when you need it?

if your answer to the last question is you need a door that works when you need it , then your best choice is to repair the door instead of replacing it, this way your budget will not have to be stretch out so far and you can enjoy the benefits of a Sliding glass door repair.

The following 5 tips will help you save money even more when you do patio sliding glass door repairs.

1: Have as much information about the door available when you call

I meant be ready with the information on your hand, most windows and doors companies are extremely busy during the day, not mentioning limited in time during a busy day.

to avoid being told to go get the information and call me back, have all the information ready.

  • Door over all sizes width and height

  • Single pane or insulated double pane

  • Glass Color

  • Address Location

  • Specify Emergency or non Emergency Service

  • Payment type

  • Email address to receive the estimate


Follow the simple 5 tips that we offer to save you money on sliding glass door repairs.

1: Call a company that is close to your address

this is essential because the longer the distance the higher the travel fee will be and this will increase the estimate at least 50% up. instead of paying travel fee to 1 company, you can place that money towards improve the repair with other features like new weather striping or a New handle and lock system if you are tired of the old one's

2: Have all the information ready when you Call

Time is money for everybody including Sliding Glass Door Repair companies,not mentioning that in the glass world having information Like sizes and product exact description is an everyday way of living.

they handle so many products for windows and doors that having exact product information is something that make a phone call easy and smooth.

3: Avoid Expressions like "I Want a Cheap Price"

Instead use language like " I have specific budget for this repair, would you be able to fit your services within my budget" ? also provide a budget range. this will let the sales man know that you actually have a budget range and there is money for the repairs and you are following your plans to finish the project withing the budget.

4: Avoid Paying the Invoice with a Credit Card

Credit Card processing fees can be high depending on the credit card processor company, perhaps have the money ready in the bank account of your choice and write a check at the when is time to pay the invoice, also you can use bank transfer like "Zelle" or bank to bank ACH transfer.

or in the best time of your life, try to deal a good Cash price, if you choose Cash option make sure you get a email receipt instead of hand writing one. is easier to find in the future in case you need access to it for tax purposes.

5: Fix More Than One Door at the Same Time

If you have more than one sliding glass door set, is a good time to get them check out for any possible repairs coming in the near future or simple get them serviced at the same time and get a discount per sliding glass door set, this way you get more work done for your dollar value.

Enjoy this tips and start saving money on sliding glass door repairs, don't be shy to comment or leave a suggestion that will help other persons to get they sliding glass door repairs done.

Thanks for reading.

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