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  • For Sash Load Weights of Up to 25 Pounds
  • Industry Standard 3/8" (10 mm) Tube Diameter
  • Will Replace Either Metal or Plastic Tube Balances

This standard duty CRL Tubular Spiral Non-Tilt Window Balance will replace a metal or plastic tube balances with a sash load capacity of up to 25 pounds. This unit will also replace spiral balances with a white bushing. While this balance is packaged and sold individually, it is our recommendation that both balances in the window be replaced at the same time

18" Tubular Spiral Non-Tilt Window Balance Red Bushing

SKU: FH1620
  • How to Order Tubular Spiral Window Balances

    • 1. To select the proper Tubular Spiral Balance, check diameter of the metal or plastic tube on the old balance: 9/16" is Series "FJ"; 3/8" is Series "FM" or "FR", depending on the fitting at the end of the rod.
    • 2. Measure Tube Length only; do not include rod length.
    • 3. Check color of Nylon Bushing. If White or Red, select a Standard Duty Balance; if Blue, select a Heavy-Duty Balance.
    • 4. Verify if fitting on rod protruding from the Nylon Bushing matches. Select the appropriate series ("FM" or "FR") if balance diameter is 3/8".
    • 5. Order quantity required of each new balance by the catalog number.
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