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Hi, my name is David Morales


I stablished Emergency Glass in Orlando in the year of 2014


I truly understand how important is for property managers to get houses ready for rent or listed for sale in a Quick way possible, I been working over the years with the same issues on windows and Doors and I learned to be committed to this Jobs and get them done ASAP.

I realized the responsibility that the property managers have when a work order is entered into the system and the time the order takes until the job is completed

the only best way to get the job done fast and efficient is to be prepared for it with the correct materials and tools, the tools part is easy, but the correct materials needed for the job it is a big challenge. 

Is a Good Idea to be prepared in anticipation for the events

We have a big stock of 

Window Glass 

Sliding Door Glass replacement 34 x 76 and up...

Window and Doors Locks

Weather striping lines

Many more hardware.....

Where are we Located?

We keep our stock in the area of Downtown Orlando for best service from this location we can move fast and efficient since we are close to major Freeways 

408 Express way  - i4 interstate

We carry glass in Our trucks and hardware for windows and doors so Our calls are more effective since we have the ability to perform the work onsite at the same time of the first visit, perhaps the estimate cost is more affordable 

Safety Rules

Safety of Our employees it's a top priority

even if we are very professional in our work with years of experience

We carry Liability Insurance up to 2 million 

1 mill per occurrence.

vehicle insurance

We do Safety meetings every Monday mornings 

and keep an eye on the Daily safety routine

Why use our services?

1:- Because we take the work orders very seriously

and we want to relief the stress off your shoulders by knowing that there is someone out there taking care of the problems, we will be your eyes out there.

2:-We find and offer solutions to the the windows and doors problems

we never push the issue to the most expensive solution or the most easy for us 

instead we find an affordable solution to the problem and execute the plan accordingly, always thinking about the customer properties as an investment.

3:- We have most of the Hardware and Glass in Stock

like mentioned before is a crucial part of the job to be prepared for the events, that's why we carry most of the inventory in the work truck.

4:- Multiple properties Discounts

in the event that lots of work orders are released for Estimate, we will estimate as a bulk orders and apply a discount for multiple properties

Our Goal

Main Goal as a company

we been working successfully hard to build a portfolio of customers in the Orlando area, and now is time to expand and add more customers to the existing portfolio keeping the same quality of work and the same customer business relationship.

Tap here to Join Us to enjoy the benefits of having a reliable company taking care of your Windows and Doors issues.

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