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Terms and conditions of Tabletops Online

At Emergency Glass Orlando We have created 

Terms and conditions that apply to all sales made in this page, read carefully the terms and conditions, because they benefit you as a valued customer.

Sales Taxes : They will be charged to all our customers from the state of Florida , including delivery sales. (Only Tax exempt with a current non expired tax exempt certificate holders will be exempt from taxes.) in order to make a purchase online and use the tax exempt certificate the customer making the purchase and using the certificate, should email a copy of it directly to before making the glass purchase via online.

Lead Times : Every order that has

  • polished

  • Bevel

  • Pencil Polished

it will be processed in the south florida factory,perhaps the lead time is always extended to 12 days minimum, we can not make any rush orders on this type of special edge processing,in the event that the glass is wrong because of human error,it will be resend it to the factory in south florida and it will be processed at a normal lead time,unless a refund is claimed within the reasonable time,if the order is cancelled before is sent to the south florida factory,unless there is a reasonable cause the order will not be processed at all.

Refunds: in the event that a refund is offered or requested within the reasonable time of 24 hours from the online order date and time recorder in our servers,it will be processed and posted to the same credit or debit card used to make the initial purchase of the glass or glass products,refunds can take up to 10 days depending on the bank issuing the card.never will be given cash as a refund to any credit or debit card sale,only store credit can be offered as a refund or credit back to the same credit or debit card used to make the purchase of the glass or glass products.

Delivery: When requesting delivery option it is necessary to confirm delivery location and a call will be made from our main office in Orlando to confirm the address and time of the delivery, this call is made right after the order is placed online from a (407) 440-4011 number which is the main office number, no sales will be made during this call or any type of collections from our operators.

when delivery option is choose it is the customer responsibility to specify with thru details where the glass will be taken to  and when delivery is made to the house or business the person that placed the order online is responsible to specify what level the glass will delivered by our company employees, Ex: First floor, Second floor balcony, in the event that the level where the glass will be set changes from the original order, we at windows doors and glass will be placing a charge of a minimum of $25 per man to the credit card used to place the order to cover for the extra work designated at the time of the delivery by the customer, by submitting the form you agree to this charges in the event that things change at the time of the delivery, if any extra work is designated at the time of the delivery anything that involves taking the glass to a place that it was not stipulated at the beginning of the order the customer must call the office and look for approval to perform the extra work.

Payment Terms

every work order sent to emergency glass Orlando will be processed almost instantly to avoid delays with lead times as the same token we request the invoice to be processed in a timely manner within the stipulated time frame, in the event that something is out of hand and the invoice will take more than the normal time, we request that an email is sent to let us know the delay on the processing 

we at emergency glass Orlando use different payments methods including but not limited to 

Check, Cash app, Zelle, Credit Cards with a 3.5% process fee, Venmo, ACH, Money orders, Cashiers check, 


Late Fees from delayed payments 

Work Order Deposits

when a work order is received from the property manager it will be processed immediately in a timely manner, but if the total cost of the materials in the Estimate is over the limit of $500 USD, Automatically we ask for a 50% Deposit to purchase the materials and pay for the labors to perform the job. the remaining of the balance will be paid accordingly to the terms and conditions stipulated in every Estimate or Invoice. ( NO EXCEPTIONS ON THIS PART)

Checks Processing time frame

even if we live in an era of technology and sophisticated computer systems, we ask for 3 - 5 Days for the check to clear, the check must be in the name payable to: Emergency Glass Orlando No exceptions will be accepted unless approved by David Morales solely and nobody else 

NSF payment

in the event that a check comes back NSF, we will apply a $35 fee to your account, this fee can not be removed from the account unless is paid in full. and the check feature will be removed from the options, this type of NSF transactions affect directly the future estimates prices for the coming jobs.

Rewards Points program

after our valued customers issue work orders with a combined total value of $1000 the rewards program will kick in and start earning points that the customer can use to redeem for services (points does not have any dollar value or any other value than redemption against services)

Exclusively and solely services nothing else. 


Rewards Points program Cancelation or Hold

if the customer is behind on payments because of their fault, the Rewards points program will be put immediately on hold and the only way it can be brought back to normal is to clear the late payments and bring the account back to normal status. 

Rewards points can not be redeem against past due invoices and can not be transferred traded or sold to anyone or anybody interested in, the rewards points are solely property of the company that they were issued. once the late payments are back to normal and the account is a good health, the Rewards program will be reinstated and all the points earned during the Holding process will be credited to the Account. no Rewards Points will be lost unless the program is cancelled due to (see Rewards Points Program cancellation policy

Rewards Points program Cancellation Policy

in the event that a customer abuses the program by selling the points Exchange Trade Negotiate 

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